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The plastic machinery industry is fully moving towards a fully automated production line.
Plastic bag machinery is also moving towards a new milestone in African countries with low wage costs
"Full-automatic plastic bag production line" Angola, Congo, Ethiopia and other African plastic bag factories have upgraded the plastic bag production line.
The automatic production of plastic bags is made up of plastic film roll-sealing-cutting bag-punching-folding-outer bag packaging. It is not only the global salary cost increase, but also the improvement of plastic bag production efficiency and the importance of the plastic bag factory management process.

In recent years, Dipo Plastic Machinery Factory has designed a fully automatic and packing machine designed for the automation of global plastic bag production. It has developed a non-folding plastic flat bag automatic packing machine for the automatic packing of plastic t-shirt bags. The t-shirt bag folding and automatic packing machine and then upgrades to three-line t-shirt bag folding and automatic packing machine. Under this foundation, the 2019 plastic bag automatic packing machine developed a five-line and six-line plastic bag automatic packing machine in response to the needs of the plastic bag factory customers.

Thanks to African and Thai plastic bag manufacturers to purchase the plastic bag automatic packaging machine of Dipo Plastic Machinery Factory. Dipo Plastic Machinery Factory will continue to work hard for the global plastic bag industry.