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The warming of Sino-US trade has allowed the US plastic bag industry to expand in production.
From the pressure of China's low-cost supply chain of manufactured goods, the economies of various countries around the world have gradually upgraded their own production and sales strategies to protect the flow of funds in various countries. Therefore, the world's largest importing country - the United States, its plastic bag demand has also turned to increase the production of shopping bags in the United States, in reducing the cost of plastic bag import tax, but also in the general direction of providing jobs in the United States, Dipo Plastic Machinery Factory continues to increase the number of bag making machines.

Dipo Plastic Machinery Factory is also committed to the comprehensive configuration upgrade of plastic bag making machine for global energy saving:
 1. Out feeding device with servo motor system 2. Feeding device with energy-saving inverter 3. PLC program design sealing knife stops heating after heat arrives 4. Use intelligent energy-saving temperature controller to automatically thermostat.

The US plastic bag production plant has added KDC-324S and KDC-326S series to produce PP food packing bags. Production specifications, bag width 220mm-360mm/bag length 400mm-650mm