PE Blown Film Machine
  • PE Blown Film Machine
Raw Materials
HDPE, LDPE and more

The PE monolayer blown film extruder provides a good solution for general packaging and produces quality film. Suitable for general packaging products such as T-shirt bags, supermarket bags, flat bags and many others. Film width available from 220 mm to 1000mm and can be customized depending on customer's requirement, suitable for both HDPE and LDPE film. The specially designed blown film extruder has good ability for melting and mixing material with masterbatch /additives.
High precision die head and cooling air ring provides good film thickness control and resistance.

Blown film extruder PE is a simple and flexible machine that can produce HDPE or LDPE, by simply changing the die head and air ring.
Model DP-PE-45 DP-PE-55
Film Width 220-700mm 400-1000mm
Film Thickness 0.012-0.15mm 0.012-0.15mm
EX Output (Max) 50kg/HR 75kg/HR
Scren Diameter 45 55
L/D Ratio 28:1 28:1
Drive Motor AC20HP AC30HP
Heat Capacity 22KW 32KW
Die Diameter HD 60/80mm HD 80/110mm
Temp Control 5Zones 6Zones
Air Blower 5HP 7 1/2HP
Drive Motor AC1HP AC 1HP
Roller Width 800mm 1100mm
Winding Motor 0.5kg/m2 TQ 0.5kg/m2 TQ
Winding Speed 80mm/MIN(MAX) 80mm/MIN(MAX)
Winding Diameter D 700mm D 700mm
Machine Dimension 4×2.2×4M 5×2.6×5M
Machine Weight 2800kg 3800kg
Power Required 32KW 40KW