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Dipo hand bag machines in Africa.

Dipo Hand bags machine customer from Africa is booming in business base on the stable quality of plastic bag. They have planned again to increase the hand bags machine capacity towards 600T / per month, and their only choice is Dipo hand bags machine which helps them to have quality control on plastic bags.

Fully promote automatically production with Dipo hand bags machine’s latest auto packing folding machine.
Make the quality of plastic bag improved and make the plastic bag making plant reduce power use and more ECO(with Dipo auto packing folding machine could cut back one set of hand bag machine by directly packing the plastic bag production with auto packing folding machine.  Therefore, it could save power and reduce heat energy to do our share of help to make the earth better.)

The main product of the plastic bag production is T-shirt bag. The size is 300mm width, 450mm length and 260mm width, 400mm length. The raw material is 100% HDPE (recycled material made by plastic recycling machine from Taiwan). This specification of plastic bag is made by Dipo hand bag machine, KDP-426S

The plastic bag factory currently provides the best quality plastic bags from 18 sets of KDP-326S and Taiwan blown film machine and plastic recycling machine.  Dipo hand bag machine is strongly recommended by high quality plastic bag factory.