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K show 2019 Dipo Plastic Machinery at 12A52-08
From the global plastic products customers to find the latest process technology. 
Dipo plastic machinery supply T-shirt bag production by plastic film roll - sealing - folding - packaging fully automated plastic bag machine.

(1600 pcs/min T-shirt Bag Making Machine+Auto Packing Folding Machine All In 1 System)
Automatic Glove Making Machine 
Fully automated production process by plastic film roll-sealing-scrap removed

(Automatic Glove Making Machine)
In 2019, Dipo Plastic Machinery re-launched Flat Bag Making Machine + Auto Packing Folding Machine All In 1 System  

Welcome to K show 2019 @12A52-08 
Let Dipo Plastic Machinery share the newest information for you.