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2019 Dipo Plastic Machinery Annual Direction
2019, we appreciate our customer trust Dipo Plastic Machinery, and once again purchase PP bag making machine, T-shirt bag making machine, PP T-shirt bag making machine, soft hand bag, patch bag, rope bag, side sealing bag making machine....
Successful Projects
2018, Global Environment-friendly of Plastic Material Year
Customers in North America came to Taiwan for the PLA experience of DIPO Plastic Machinery....
Successful Projects
Success in Myanmar-The top 100 bag making factories of the Myanmar plastic bag industry plan to expand the category of plastic bag products.
Starting from T-shirt bags, garbage bags, glove bags, shopping bags and zipper bags have been added....
Successful Projects
Dipo hand bag machines in Africa.
Dipo Hand bags machine customer from Africa is booming in business base on the stable quality of plastic bag....
Successful Projects
Top 3 flat bag making factories equipped with plastic bag machinery continually.
The biggest manufacturer of hanging flat bag, Formosa Plastics Co., Ltd.  Applied HDPE raw materials (Used in food packing and bread packing) 
Successful Projects
Plastic bag making machine in Vietnam
The output value of plastic bags increased since 30T/month to 400T/month in 2018....
Successful Projects
Bag on roll making machine
Plastic bag manufacturer from East Africa upgrades vegetable and fruit bag automatic machinery....
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