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Professional Service Team to Africa of Dipo Plastic Machinery Co., LTD​

African customers purchased Dipo Plastic Machine, HEEP-452SA high speed T-shirt bag making machine in order to improve the production and quality of plastic bags. The plastic bag heat cutting machine is a very mature model for Dipo Plastic Machinery. It mainly produces plastic t-shirt bags at 200pcs/min - 300pcs/min. Dipo Plastic Machinery Engineer and Dipo Plastic Machinery dealer installed bag machine in African customer plastic factory. The customer sent several plastic bag sealing and cutting machine operation engineers to learn the operation and troubleshooting of high-speed heat cutting machine. Dipo Plastic Machinery has a professional distribution company in Africa. Provide professional and fast customer service for plastic bag factory, African professional team member business manager, sales marketing manager, electrical engineer, after-sales service engineer, plastic machinery parts for sale.