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American and Colombian plastics industry, in-depth understanding of the full automation of the plastics industry.
Central South America and the United States have the largest trading advantage in plastic products. Under the imbalance of Sino-US trade supply and demand, the United States has greatly increased its procurement in Central South America. In the improvement of the production capacity and quality of plastic bags, we also paid more attention to the use of manpower supply and demand, and then came to Taiwan Dipo Plastic Machinery Factory to understand the operation of automatic packing machine for plastic bags.

Dipo plastic bag automatic packing machine is currently packed at a speed of 4-6 cycle/min. The packing line has a single-line folding automatic packing, double-line folding automatic packing, three-line folding automatic packing, four-line folding automatic packing, six-line folding automatic packing.  The packing film raw material is mainly PP, supplemented by LDPE HDPE, and the packing film is equipped with a printed electric eye device to produce printed products. In response to the demand for flat plastic bags, the "flat plastic bag automatic packing machine" was also officially put into production in the flat plastic bag factory customer factory.