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From OEM to build a brand-DIPO
Dipo Plastic Machinery Factory has been working from Taiwan plastic machinery industry to design, and has assisted Japanese and German plastics industry OEMs for 39 years. From the foundry, learn the plastic machinery technology and safe operation requirements of various countries, and then participate in the plastics of various countries. The principle of raw material formulation and the thinking logic of plastic machinery design.

Since the past 49 years, Dipo Plastic Machinery has grown along with the World Plastic Machinery Factory, accumulating the development capability and rapid response of plastic machinery.

Dipo Plastic Machinery Factory also has professional development ability after the creation of its famous brand, and the design adjustment with the customer's needs allows the customer to get closer to the appropriate demand. Therefore, it has accumulated a large number of domestic and foreign customers of Japanese plastic bag industry customers and special plastic bag products.

Under the approval of the customers, it did not lose the support of the original plastic machinery industry because of the brand of Dipo Plastic Machinery. Instead, it got more customers who agreed with the research and development capabilities of Dipo Plastic Machinery.