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Plastic bag factories in developing countries are also moving towards fully automated plastic bag production
The industrial direction of developed countries around the world is toward full automation production, and it is also applied in various industries and many plastic bag factories. However, the fully automated production process started in 2019 and has gradually been deployed in developing countries. The speed of Myanmar's growth from undeveloped to developing countries has seen the entire country's overall automation from the basic livelihood industry-plastic bag production process. change.

Dipo Plastic Machinery started to assist Myanmar plastic bag factory to introduce "fully automated plastic bag production process". In the production process of plastic bags, the final packaging and shipment process has been implemented in the plastic bag manufacturing industry for about 20 years. Dipo Plastic Machinery began to develop fully automated packaging machinery in 2016.

R & D and testing began with the automatic packaging of double-line and three-line vest bags, and the actual production test and adjustment of the optimal production mode were carried out in plastic bag factories. In 2017, we started to develop four-line vest bags, flat-bag automated packaging machinery and automated glove bag machinery.

At the end of 2017, it was officially put into production testing in the plastic bag factory. After the actual production in the plastic bag factory, we learned more about the processes required by customers. Myanmar plastic bag factory is also a member of the fully automated production process as the world moves.