Flat Bag Making Machine+Auto Packing Machine All In 1 System
DIPO all in one flat bag and automatic packing line is the perfect option for your flat bag production needs. The whole process is automated, from film roll sealing, to bag cutting. This machine is able to process 960 pieces per minute. The line includes a packing machine so that your bags are shelf or store ready within seconds.

.Improve your quality and yield rates with a full servo system connection.
.Save resources with one worker being responsible for 2-3 bag making machines.
.Save the environment and save through energy use
   (no need for an extra packing line, bottom sealing section and sealing heat source.
.Save space with products being automatically sent and packaged ready for direct shipping.
Servo Motor: Delta Taiwan
AC Motor: Fukuta Taiwan
Photocell: SICK Germany
CE By ALPHA TIC No.EC.1282.2C131007.DPM2635
Model KD-328S+4AP
Max Cutting Width 150 mm * 8 Lines
Max Cutting Length 180-300 mm
Thickness 0.01 – 0.025 mm
R.P.M. Max 120 cycle/min..